Into the Breach launches free Advanced Edition update

Into the Breach: Advanced Edition, the major free update to our 2018 Ultimate Game of the Year (opens in new tab)is now live on Steam (opens in new tab)and that means we can now lay our eyes on the full rundown of everything that’s changed.

Into the Breach (opens in new tab) is a tiny tactics game that pits a squad of powerful mechs against a relentless force of invading alien bugs. It’s developed by the makers of the brilliant FTL, and while it’s a very different sort of experience, it’s “built on the same building blocks of roguelike progression, intricate interplays of abilities, and slow, knuckle-gnawing tension.” We gave it a 93% score in our review (opens in new tab)calling it “the most perfectly formed tactics around,” and with this update it promises to be even bigger and better.

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