‘Destiny 2’ Is Buffing Exotics With Anti-Champion Abilities, But Which Ones?

As we are about a month away from season 18 here, I was recently reminded that Destiny 2 is supposed to deliver an update alongside Arc 3.0 that will give a new slate of exotics intrinsic anti-champion abilities. While exotics can now be anti-champion through armor mods, which did not used to be the case, only a select handful have intrinsic anti-champion abilities that are on all the time (some armor pieces to do, but we’ll focus on weapons for now).

Can I remember all those off the top of my head? The ones in game now are:

  • Stronghold – Unstoppable (everyone forgets this)
  • Arbalest – Anti-Barrier (was so good it had to be nerfed)
  • Divinity – Overload
  • Leviathan’s Breath – Unstoppable (recently buffed)
  • Erianna’s Vow – Barrier (was good until they gave it to Arbalest)
  • Devil’s Ruin – Unstoppable
  • The Lament – ​​Anti-Barrier

Think that’s all of them. But if Bungie is promising to add more to the list, I wonder which ones will be picked, so I figured I’d do a little guessing.

A few things: You will notice a pattern here that only a single exotic on this list is a primary, and even then it’s only in one of two firing modes. Given that exotic primaries have also been buffed for red bar damage lately, and huge portions of them can be given anti-champ mods through the artifact every season, I would be surprised if there was much, if any of a focus on giving exotic primaries intrinsic anti-field abilities. I also do not imagine already popular PvE exotics (ie. Witherhoard, Gjallarhorn) are going to be gifted a bonus like that, and we may see more of a focus on underused exotics.

Here’s what I’d like to see:

  • Wishender – Anti-Barrier – Okay, okay, I made a single primary exception, as this bow being anti-barrier seems incredibly core to its nature, similar to how shield-piercing Arbalest got anti-barrier.
  • Merciless – Anti-Barrier – If we have an unstoppable fusion with Bastion, I’d love to see Merciless get a buff for its PvE Usability like this.
  • Borealis – Unstoppable – An element changing, unstoppable sniper on demand sounds pretty good, as otherwise this thing is going to keep collecting dust.
  • Queenbreaker – Anti-barrier – You want a permanent anti-barrier sniper, which everyone loves so much? Well it’s gonna cost you your heavy slot for an otherwise hated exotic.
  • Thunderlord – Overload – Yeah I dunno, lightning repeatedly striking an enemy seems thematically appropriate for “Overload” to me. And it needs the help.
  • Cloudstrike – Overload – Same principle, and now we have a sniper option for all three types.
  • Coldheart – Anti-Barrier – Ionic traces or not, I think Coldheart really needs something to be even remotely useful in most situations. This could help.
  • The Prospector – Unstoppable – Just the idea of ​​an unstoppable heavy grenade launcher appears to me (no need to ADS), though obviously we need some larger buffs all around for those.
  • Legend of ArciusUnstoppable – I mean this thing needs like an entire rework but I feel like this fits its design.
  • Truth – Anti-Barrier – With three in the chamber, you could fire one, activate shield, fire a second to get through it? I don’t know, it’s tough to think rockets are the best fit for these mods.
  • Black Talon – Overload – Would be a nice bonus for its projectile, as I don’t see it getting much use otherwise.
  • Anarchy – Overload – This seems like a given, especially after recent nerfs. Although landing shots on teleporty boys may be…problematic.
  • Salvation’s Grip – Everything – I don’t even know if it’s possible to code this, but I think it would be kind of hilarious to make this is a purely utilitarian exotic to stun all champions with its stasis grenades, as otherwise, I don’t think there’s any saving it.

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