Chimeraland Launches Today On PC And Mobile Devices

Developer Level Infinite has announced that its open-world MMORPG Chimeraland is now available for free on PC via Steam and iOS and Android mobile devices.

Chimeraland is a sandbox survival game set in a mythical, prehistoric world where players are able to capture and tame beasts, survive an environment filled with magic, and also interact with other players online with the built-in social trading system. Tamed creatures can be transformed into pets, while some can even be combined to create mounts.

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“Drawing upon the legends of Eastern mythology, Chimeraland transports players to a world of limitless possibility full of fantastical beasts that roam the land, air, and sea,” the developer explains in its press release.

Chimeraland features a “Devour” function, which allows players to absorb the powers of the creatures they capture. The powers can also sometimes manifest as the physical traits of the beats they were drawn from.

The MMORPG’s open world consists of over 4,000 kilometers for players to explore and will feature four continents that are all accessible. The ability to fly and travel to outer space is also a feature of Chimerland, as well as the option for players can go on to visit other worlds or build their home on another planet. Home design is achieved by gathering resources, but they’ll also be able to choose from a variety of different styles. Some options include a treehouse in the sky or a mansion in the middle of the lake.

As an MMORPG, players will have free reign to choose how they customize their character, allowing them to “change the look of their faces down to the most minute details.” As for Chimeralands’ combat, there are no class restrictions, meaning players can choose between a collection of weapon types.

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