It’s about time someone made a musical RPG that puts the ‘punk’ in cyberpunk

Keylocker is a Brazilian indie RPG that poses a brain-scrambling question: what if Daft Punk hadn’t just been the composers of Tron Legacy’s incredible soundtrack—what if they’d been the protagonists, too?

That… would have been better, right? I have a soft spot for Tron Legacy thanks to its slick reimagining of that ’80s inside-the-computer aesthetic—and Jeff Bridges saying “bio-digital jazz, man“—but you have to admit the whole flick would’ve been improved by explicitly weaving that incredible soundtrack into the story. It took me about three seconds to nod an emphatic yes to Keylocker’s premise: you play a punk rock character on a futuristic Saturn colony where music has been outlawed, so naturally you use a guitar to rebel and mess shit up.

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