World of Warcraft: Dragonflight’s new dracthyr race makes everyone else look obsolete

World of Warcraft: Dragonflight’s (opens in new tab) new playable dragon race makes the rest of the MMO’s races look like they belong in another game—or at least another era. Blizzard has done a lot of work to update WoW’s orcs and elves and many other races for this new expansion, but none of them match the amount of detail present in the dracthyr.

I spent five hours as a dracthyr in an alpha build of Dragonflight that took place in the frigid Azure Span zone. Before that, though, I had to hit the character creation screen and make my dracthyr, and it was intimidating even though I’ve made plenty of WoW characters before. The customization options for my dragon form and human form were absurd; I dug through drop-down menus for everything from hair color to scale placement. This is a race made for the people who have always wanted wings and claws. Based on how many ways you can customize each bodily feature, I think they’ll be happy.

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