Dimps-developed fighting game series The Rumble Fish coming to console this winter

Publisher 3goo and developer Dimps will release fighting game series The Rumble Fish for console this winter worldwide, the companies announced. Specific platforms were not announced.

The Rumble Fish first launched for arcade in 2004 in Japan, followed by PlayStation 2 on March 17, 2005. The Rumble Fish 2 followed for arcade in March 2005. Neither game was ever released in the west.

The Rumble Fish is a very memorable game for us at Dimps,” said Dimps president Takashi Nishiyama in a press release. “We developed it as a 2D fighting game compatible with the Atomiswave arcade system board developed by Sammy Corporation. It may have a classic feel compared to current fighting games, but it was an ambitious project that employed a variety of visual expressions within the limitations of a system board that is now almost 20 years old. I’m proud of what we accomplished. And now, 3goo is once again shining the spotlight on The Rumble Fish series and I’m excited for the renewed potential for the series to grow.”

—The Rumble Fish 2 (arcade version)

The Rumble Fish 2
The Rumble Fish 2

3goo president Nicolas Di Costanzo added, “I, personally, have been a long-time fan of Dimps and I am overjoyed to be able to introduce this hidden gem to the world. We’re deeply honored Dimps allowed us this wonderful opportunity. This series lit arcades on fire with its mix of mechanics inspired by a variety of fighting games, and now we’re bringing it to consoles so everyone will have easy access to it. We hope you’re as excited to get it as we are to release it.”

Here is an overview of the series, via 3goo:


The Rumble Fish is a 2D fighting game. The arcade version was developed in 2004. The Rumble Fish 2 came out in 2005, introducing new game mechanics and characters. It gained popularity with its sleek 2D visuals powered by SMA (Smooth Model Animation), fascinating characters and strategic gameplay using two types of gauges. The game series has a cult following and is still played in tournaments. Worth noting the series has never been released outside of Japan. This will also be the first time The Rumble Fish 2 makes the move to consoles.


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Watch the story trailer below.

Story Trailer



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