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If you have been suffering from diabetes and finding ways to control those sugar spikes that often come unannounced, the humble lemon could come to your rescue thanks to the abundant soluble fiber and Vitamin C that’s found in the citrus fruit. A recent study has shown how lemon juice can significantly lower peak blood glucose and delay that peak by more than 35 minutes. This is not surprising as lemon has long been considered a superfood for diabetes even by American Diabetes Association. It is a low GI (glycaemic index) food and if you add lemon to your diet in the right way, it could aid in lowering blood sugar levels after eating apart from keeping inflammation in check. (Also read: Diabetes: Healthy ways to eat rice for managing blood sugar levels)

“Adding the necessary healthy elements to your daily diet is very important. Lemon juice is one such powerful potion that can control your erratic blood sugar levels and act as a great savior for diabetes,” says Dr Smita Bhoir Patil, Nutritionist and Homeopath Consultant.

Why lemon is the perfect food for people with diabetes

Lemon is a powerhouse of Vitamin C, fiber, anti-inflammatory, and anti-oxidant properties and its low glycaemic index aids in lowering blood sugar levels significantly. Also, the nutrients present in lemon help in better metabolism.

“The number of calories is quite low in lemon juice making it perfect for diabetic patients to consume. The vitamin C in lemon juice controls insulin levels as well. Lemon is full of easy fibers that help digestion and keeps fluctuating blood sugar levels in check, “says the nutritionist.

Here are 5 ways to add lemon juice to your diet for reducing blood sugar

1. Squeezing a few drops of fresh lemon juice onto your food is an easy way to incorporate lemon into your diet. From rice to curry to pasta, a few drops of lemon can be added to almost any food. It gives the food a nice flavor and aroma and enhances the taste by providing a tangy touch. You can also add lemon juice to your salads to make them tastier.

2. A glass of lemon juice on an empty stomach is the best medicine for you. It is easy to make, refreshes you, and prepares you for the day. Keep the water warm or at normal temperature and add half a lemon to it. Be mindful to not use hot water while making lemon water and do not add any sugar or other sweeteners to reap the maximum benefits of lemon.

3. Make your own detox water with slices of lemon. Keep on sipping this detox water throughout the day. It flushes out toxins from the body and does not allow any sugar rush, so you are always stress-free.

4. Another healthier way to add lemon juice is on your salad. It enhances the flavor of salad and also works as powerful ingredient for weight loss. Squeeze sufficient amount of lemon juice on your salad but too much lemon can be acidic so consume it in moderate amounts.

5. Make sure to add lemon juice in starchy foods such as rice, potatoes, beets, and corn, as it can reduce blood sugar spikes and decrease inflammation while promoting a healthy balance in your body. You can toss some starchy vegetables into lemon juice and sauté them for a bit to get a nice taste in your daily food. You can also make lemon chicken using the juice and zest of lemon to get all the health benefits from this amazing fruit.

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