Bengals to deploy white helmets in 2022


When the Bengals first introduced alternate uniforms consisting of white shirts and pants with black stripes on both, one key piece was missing. A change in league rules will make that piece a reality.

The Bengals have announced that they’ll use a white helmet (presumably with black stripes) in 2022.

Like other secondary looks, it will appear a handful of times throughout the season. But those occasions will be memorable, with the Bengals for the first time in franchise history using something other than orange helmets during a game.

For nearly a decade, the league insisted on players using one helmet and one helmet only for the entire season. It had something to do with preventing concussions. It never made much sense, especially with college programs like Oregon having a different helmet every week.

Now, it will make senseā€”and plenty of money. People will be buying up these alternate helmets, from the new red Texans helmet to the new black Saints black hemet to the new white Bengals helmet to the old-school looks from the like of the Patriots and Buccaneers. To any team that has yet to take advantage of the new ability to have a second helmet, what are you waiting for?

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