Six of the Scariest from the Games and Movies!

resident Evil may have popularized Survival Horror as a genre, but silent Hill really cemented these games as vehicles for legitimately chilling narratives. Over the years, the franchise has churned out some of the most recognizable imagery in gaming despite being unfairly neglected by Konami and not seeing a mainline entry for over a decade.

While silent Hill titles have always been lauded for their impeccable visuals and brilliant sound design (not to mention those kick-ass soundtracks), what made these games truly scary was their narrative consistency and attention to detail. Unlike the haunted mansions and B-movie aesthetics of its fellow horror titles, SH always stood out with hellish scenarios and creature designs meant to evoke specific concepts that meshed with the introspective stories being told, with the scares often revealing a darker side to the main characters.

And with so many walking nightmares populating this foggy town, we’ve decided to come up with a list celebrating six of the scariest silent Hill monsters. From walking tumors to giant insects, Lord knows that there are plenty of creatures to choose from, and we might as well shine a light on the best of them as we wait to see if the rumored follow-ups will continue the franchise’s tradition of coming up with creative abominations.

While this list is purely based on personal opinion, there are a few limitations. First, no bumps allowed, as adding Pyramid Head, Split Worm or Abstract Daddy would make the entries a bit too predictable. Second, silent Hill Monsters will be selected according to their own individual scare factor, regardless of the overall quality of the game they appeared in.

As usual, don’t forget to comment below with your own favorite silent Hill monsters if you think we missed an important one.

Now, onto the list…

6. Model (Silent Hill 2)

First appearing in Silent Hill 2, the misshapen Mannequins are a great example of the game’s psychosexual designs. Likely inspired by the work of European artist Hans Bellmer, these plastic fiends can be interpreted as a horrific commentary on the objectification of women as well as one of many physical manifestations of James Sunderland’s sexual frustration.

As if their creepy proportions weren’t enough, the mannequins are also animated with insect-like mannerisms and bizarre reactions to light, adding to their scare-factor. That being said, it’s hard not to feel a little bad for them after Pyramid Head’s memorable introduction.

5. Raw Shock (Silent Hill: Shattered Memories)

An underplayed spin-off title, Shattered Memories may not be part of the main series canon, but it’s still one hell of a psychological horror experience. One of the game’s many innovations was its single enemy type which adapted to the player’s individual fears and couldn’t be killed. Named after the infamous Rorschach test, these malleable creatures are the literal stuff of nightmares and grow progressively spookier as the game goes on.

While the “abstract” version is my personal favorite, every iteration of the Raw Shocks has something creepy to offer. In fact, it’s a shame that the game’s technical limitations prevented the title from adding even more design variations, as a shapeshifting nightmare creature fits right in with the rest of the franchise.

4. Valtiel (Silent Hill 3)

Silent Hill monsters valtiel

Players never face this horrific angel directly, but Valtiel is a constant eerie presence throughout all of Silent Hill 3, where he acts as a guardian of sorts and tries to ensure that Heather makes it to the end of her demonic pregnancy (yes, SH3 is a weird game).

While this gaunt creature is never an active threat, preferring to stay on the sidelines as he manipulates the otherworld and even attempts to revive the main character if she is killed, Valtiel earns a spot on our list of the scariest silent Hill monsters due to his voyeuristic antics and odd fleshy design. He also benefits from the best use of the demonic head shake trope since the original Jacob’s Ladder, complete with an unsettling face inspired by BDSM masks.

3. Gray Children (Silent Hill)

Silent Hill monsters gray children

It doesn’t take very long for the original silent Hill to convince players that the game means business. The very first area of ​​the title already introduces Harry Mason to knife-wielding children with an eerie laugh and monstrous design that likely represents how Alessa Gillespie viewed her hostile classmates.

Their mutilated faces and ashen skin are appropriately spooky, but it’s their disturbing child-like features that make the Gray Children so memorable. In fact, they were actually cut from the Japanese and European releases of the game, which replaced them with the clawed “mumblers”.

The Gray Children also made an appearance in Christophe Gans’ adaptation of the game, though it’s a shame that most of Yvonne Ng’s monstrous performance was covered up by CGI.

2. Colin / The Janitor (Silent Hill Movie)

Silent Hill monsters the janitor

Inspired by a specific corpse found in a bathroom stall of the original game, The Janitor is one of the most memorable additions to Gans’ vision of silent Hill. More of a horrifically contorted undead human than an actual creature, this monster was brought to life through hybrid effects work and Roberto Campanella’s impressive choreography work.

A combination of aggressively sexual imagery and unending agony, the Janitor boasts one of the movie’s scariest sequences despite his relatively brief screentime. However, unlike the other entries on this list, the film makes it pretty clear that this is one case where the monster’s hellish existence appears to be a fitting punishment.

1. Twin Victims (Silent Hill 4: The Room)

Silent Hill monsters twin victims

Silent Hill 4 isn’t exactly the most beloved entry in the franchise, but it’ll always be my personal favorite. After all, it’s the only game in the series that ever gave me recurring nightmares, and they were all about these guys. Meant to represent the literal twin victims of a crazed serial killer, these conjoined monstrosities never fail to scare me whenever I revisit the game.

Their bizarre bodies and inhuman voices are undoubtedly creepy, but Team Silent’s lead art director Masahiro Ito has gone on record saying that he considers the Twin Victims to be his favorite monster in the series, and that’s the real reason why they’re in the number one spot!

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