If You Have This Bumble Bee Product in Your Pantry, Don’t Eat It, FDA Warns

Bumble Bee is a trusted brand for millions of Americans, and chances are you’d be able to pick out the friendly bee mascot at the grocery store. The company has withstood the test of time for over 120 years, having been founded in 1899, according to Bumble Bee’s website. But whether you grew up eating Bumble Bee salmon, or your grandmother still uses cans to prepare her tuna noodle casserole, you’ll want to know about the Bumble Bee product that could be dangerous to consume. Read on to find out what you should clear from your pantry as soon as possible.

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For seafood lovers, having fish for dinner is one of life’s simple pleasures. That can be ruined, however, if the seafood in question isn’t safe for consumption. In June, Irvington Seafood of Irvington, Alabama, pulled specific crabmeat products, which were labeled “Crabmeat: Jumbo, Lump, Finger, and Claw Meat.”

The recall was issued due to potential contamination with Listeria monocytogenes, which can cause “serious and sometimes fatal infections in young children, frail, or elderly people, as well as those with weakened immune systems.” Listeria infection can also pose specific threats to pregnant people in the form of miscarriage and stillbirths.

Now, another seafood product is being recalled, meaning you’ll want to get rid of them immediately.

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If you’re prepping for an annual clam bake, you’ll want to pay attention to this FDA warning. On July 6, the agency announced that Bumble Bee Foods issued a voluntary recall for specific smoked clams.

According to the announcement, the recall applies to 3.75-ounce cans of Bumble Bee Smoked Clams that have a Universal Product Code (UPC) of 8660075234, which came from a third-party manufacturer located in China. To check your cans, look for the UPC code found beneath the bar code on the back.

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The nurse is using a blood pressure gauge to check the patient's blood pressure.

The clams have been recalled after testing by the FDA identified “detectable levels” of per- and polyfluoroalkyl substances (PFAS). These “human-made chemicals” are often used in consumer and industrial products, but they can have serious health implications.

“PFAS do not easily breakdown and some types have been shown to accumulate in the environment and in our bodies,” the recall announcement stated.

As a result, previous studies have suggested that exposure to these chemicals can lead to increased cholesterol levels, developmental effects, decreased immune response, changes to liver function, and certain cancers. In pregnant women, PFAS can also increase high blood pressure and lead to a blood pressure condition known as preeclampsia.

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Considering the serious risks associated with PFAS exposure, consumers are advised to throw affected products out. But rest assured, your tuna is safe, as no other Bumble Bee products are currently subject to recall, and no other clam products are impacted, the company confirmed. Bumble Bee continues to work with the manufacturer in China “to further investigate and resolve this matter.”

Products were distributed to a limited number of retailers across the US, the announcement stated, but there have not yet been any reports of illnesses associated with consumption.

If you have already eaten the product and aren’t feeling well, Bumble Bee asks that you contact your doctor directly.

For additional questions or if you’d like to request reimbursement, you can call Bumble Bee Consumer Affairs at 1-888-295-3627 between 9 am and 6 pm Eastern Standard Time (EST), Monday through Friday. You can also visit the company’s recall page for more information.

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