Finally, scientific proof that Smash Bros. would be better with shotgun-toting crabs

When a game developer asks “Do you play Dark Souls?”, they’re usually going to follow that question with a demo of a densely interconnected game world or a punishing combat system, something clearly influenced by FromSoftware’s RPG series. This is the first time someone’s asked me if I’ve played Dark Souls and then showed me a game about crabs with M16s.

Marine biology fact: Big crabs are scary, but they’d be even scarier if they could use M16s, bazookas, or anti-tank rifles. Knights of the Deep (opens in new tab) has all of these things, alongside magic wands, baseball bats and katanas that can slice through a hard carapace in a single killing blow. It’s an absurd riff on Nintendo’s Super Smash Bros., but with crustaceans, and it might be the single most popular booth at Brazil’s international games festival. I love it.

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