Let Me Solo Her gets an actual frikkin’ sword from Bandai Namco for killing Malenia 2,000 times

Let Me Solo Her is a true videogame legend (opens in new tab): An Elden Ring player who shows up to other people’s games wearing nothing but underwear and the world’s worst helmet and then singlehandedly slays the game’s toughest boss. He made his bones back in April, inspiring widespread admiration, fan art, and even a dodgy imitator or two. And after months on the job, Let Me Solo Her’s legend has grown so great that even Elden Ring publisher Bandai Namco felt compelled to pay tribute to his greatness.

Bandai’s gift to Let Me Solo Her, who is known in the real world as Klein Tsuboi, was actually sent in May, but ran into some adventure of its own courtesy of a paperwork hangup at French customs, who apparently took issue with massive bladed weapons being sent through the late. In late June, it finally arrived in the US, and after a smoother run through customs in North America, it was received—and yeah, it’s pretty sweet.

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