Tigers, Eduardo Rodriguez haven’t talked since he left team

The Detroit Tigers have yet to hear from Eduardo Rodriguez since placing the left-hander on the restricted list 23 days ago.

“We’ve reached out, but obviously he hasn’t reached out back, so we’re just kind of waiting it out,” Tigers general manager Al Avila told reporters Wednesday. “It is unusual, but we have no choice but to wait it out right now and see what develops as we move forward.”

On June 14, sources told The Post’s Jon Heyman that Rodriguez, 29, had stepped away from the team because of marital issues.

The Tigers signed Rodriguez to a five-year, $77 million contract in the offseason with the idea of ​​bolstering their beleaguered, youthful rotation. But the former Red Sox hurler has pitched to a 4.38 ERA in just eight starts this season, having dealt with a rib cage injury prior to his placement on the restricted list. Tigers manager AJ Hinch said Rodriguez was at home but did not elaborate further.

“We want him to be OK,” Tigers manager AJ Hinch said Friday. “We want him to be in a good place. We want everything to settle around him. But we can’t really make any considerations until we know exactly what’s at hand. We’ll wait for him to open up when he wants.”

Rodriguez last pitched for the Tigers on May 18.
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Rodriguez — slated to make $14 million this season — is not being paid while on the restricted list. Avila declined to comment on whether the Tigers had thought of voiding Rodriguez’s contract.

“I’m not going to get into that at this point,” Avila said. “Obviously, that’s a private situation right now on his part, so I won’t get into any of those legalities.”

Rodriguez has two children with his wife, Catherine.


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