The Texas Chain Saw Massacre achievements ask you to play 1,973 matches

Name Description Gamerscore Purge Using the Pain is Nothing ability purge [x] poison effects 15 totally texas Reach Player Level [x] 50 Texas Through and Through Reach-level [x] with all characters 100 perking up Start a match with a fully leveled up ability and three level 3 perks equipped 15 Welcome to the Family Execute your first victim 10 Serial Killer Executed [x] total victims 50 Mine all Mine Execute all four victims in a single match 20 He was the greatest ever. Feed Grandpa [x] times in total 15 First Blood Execute the first victim in a match 10 Get Outta There Drag-out [x] victims from inside hiding objects 10 So Close… Kill a victim within [x] meters of an exit in any level 10 Last Victim Standing As last victim standing, Survive for [x] minutes and escape in a single match 50 The Lucky One? Escape [100] times 50 Shhhhhh As a victim escape a level without making any noise. 10 bring it on Win [x] close encounters as a victim in total 10 Git back here Win [x] close encounters as family members in total 10 Fighting Back Successfully perform [x] sneak attacks against family members in total 10 Team Player Heal [x] teammates in total 10 Now it’s my turn Sneak attack all family members in a single match 20 Be like Sally Escape down the driveway after jumping out of the family house front window 10 Fully Focused use the focus ability to instantly unlock [x] doors in total 15 Safe and Secure Add extra locks to [x] doors in total 15 I hear you Successfully spot [x] total victims 10 I got one! Catch a total of [x] victims in traps 15 I’m coming for ya As Hitchhiker uses one sidle, bolthole and ladder in a single match 10 can’t hide from me Analyze [x] victim footprints in total 15 can’t keep me out Successfully barge open a total of [x] latched doors 10 Undetectable Use the Ultimate Escape ability to reduce damage [x] times 15 Dog Will Hunt As Leatherface destroy [x] objects with your chainsaw (blocker, bolthole, door) 10 Hung up on you Executed [x] victims in total on gallows as Leatherface 15 Our Hero Shoulder barge and stun [x] family members 15 Don’t Touch Poison [x] victim pickups (tools, shards, health items) 15 Powder Burns Confuse two or more victims simultaneously 10 All Knowing Track all family members in a single match 15 You spell champion wrong As a family member kill a victim in under [30] seconds from the start of a match 20 Makin’ Grandpa Proud Achieve a perfect family win (killing all victims) on each map 50 Escape Artists Achieve a perfect victim win (all victims escape) on each map 50 leaving home Escape using each exit on the Family House level 10 Outta Gas Escape using each exit on the Gas Station level 10 Off to Market Escape using each exit on the Slaughterhouse level 10 The Saw is Family Reach family bond to maximum and keep it there for the whole match 10 To stare During a single match stop the generator, fix the fusebox and open the pressure valve. 50 Nowhere left to hide As a victim hide in a freezer, locker, wardrobe, trunk and car trunk. 10 Doing Well Jump down a well [x] times in total 10 Respect Respec a character’s unlock tree after reaching maximum level 10 Running, Jumping, Climbing Trees Spent first points in the unlock tree 10 behind the curtain Get your first unlockable 10 Execute Use all family executions in public matches 10 Tread Softly Avoid being detected by Grandpa for a whole match 50 What will be left of you? Play 1973 public matches 10

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