Wheelchairs and Strokes? Some COVID Vaccine Recipients in Canada Had Brutal Reactions

It will take decades to find out the truth about the COVID vaccine’s side effects. Some you already know about. The blood clots caused by the Johnson and Johnson vaccine are well-known. Yet, it’s still not something to be worried about. I got that shot. I haven’t turned into a lizard yet. Women who take birth control are more likely to form a blood clot than with this vaccine. Getting COVID presents a higher chance of getting a clot than taking this vaccine. Still, the whole vaccine debate has been turned into a circus. Medical experts probably should have never treated this vaccine like a silver bullet for COVID. It’s very much like the flu vaccine in the sense that if you get it, you’re still vulnerable to infection though your case will not be as severe. But the experts couldn’t say that for fear that they might sound like Trump who compared COVID to the flu. In the end, with this vaccine, that’s how the chips fell. Now, the final greenlight has been given to our youngest citizens who aren’t really at risk, barring those with pre-existing conditions. And now, we have this talk about getting a booster every six months or so. Yeah, I can tell you that even the most COVID-fearing parent won’t be jabbing their kid 456 times a year. Some will—and we’ll see what happens at the end of that laboratory experiment, but this aversion for months to talk about side effects is bound to engulf the medical expert community into another public relations fiasco.

In Canada, the state was monitoring the first wave of COVID vaccine recipients, some of whom had serious side effects. One had a stroke that was linked to the COVID vaccine, causing doctors in British Columbia to investigate to prevent this from happening to someone else. There was also a discussion of a possible link between those receiving the vaccine and contracting Guillain-Barre syndrome and Bell’s Palsy. Look, this isn’t some smoking gun, but it could be. Health Canada said this is a link, though it’s very rare. There should at least be a review, but everyone who spoke about the side effects was cast into the gulag (via Vancouver Sun):

As British Columbians were starting to get COVID-19 vaccinations in December 2020 and the first half of 2021, health officials were behind-the-scenes carefully tracking serious side-effects from the shots, according to documents recently released under the Freedom of Information Act .

Although the 42-page released contains few examples of severe reactions, those that were flagged sparked immediate responses from health leaders who were monitoring the millions of Canadians getting the new vaccinations.

A June 7, 2021 email to Dr. Bonnie Henry, BC’s provincial health officer, revealed that a person in the Interior Health region suffered a “severe stroke” after getting the Pfizer vaccine, which was deemed to be “an adverse reaction” to the shot.

“Doctors in BC … agree that the vaccine was the catalyst for his stroke. We cannot change this for (name redacted) but investigating this might prevent someone else from suffering the same outcome,” said the email. The sender’s name was removed.


In early June 2021, Kelowna-Lake Country MLA Norm Letnick received an email from a constituent raising concerns about a man who developed Guillain-Barré syndrome and Bell’s Palsy shortly after receiving the AstraZeneca vaccine. The patient was released from hospital in a wheelchair and his recovery was estimated to take up to a year, the email said.

“It is truly heartbreaking to see this (man) totally incapacitated so quickly by this vaccine,” the woman wrote to Letnick.

The email was forwarded to Henry, who said Guillain-Barré is most often related to an infection, “but has been associated with vaccination.” She said the BC Center for Disease Control was alerted and the case was under investigation.

Health Canada says “there are a small number of reports of people who have developed this rare (Guillain-Barré) disorder” after taking the AZ and Johnson&Johnson vaccines.

The vaccine wars are done. Those who were going to get vaccinated have already received the shot and the boosters. Those who want to hang back were going to do so regardless. The conspiracies about the vaccine are only nursed by the very people peddling the vaccine. Remember when the pharmaceutical companies wanted a 50-plus-year waiting period before they answer FOIA requests about the vaccine? They also have total legal immunity. It must be nice.


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