Is Minecraft Legends multiplayer? Release date, platforms and everything we know so far

With Minecraft Legends being announced a few days ago, the upcoming game marks the second major departure from Minecraft for Mojang. Minecraft Dungeons has been such a big success that the developers have opted to try doing something new once again. Although they have been working on the iconic base game for 13 years to great success, it appears that they might finally be diversifying.

Minecraft Legends plans to be different from both Minecraft and Dungeons, so fans of those games will have yet another game to add to their collection. In fact, devoted Minecraft players are already looking forward to the arrival of Legends.


With the announcement being quite recent, information about Mojang’s newest venture is still very new and relatively scarce. Here’s everything players need to know, including whether or not this game will be multiplayer, like how both Minecraft and Dungeons are.

Minecraft Legends details revealed: Multiplayer or not?

Xbox announced that Minecraft Legends will, in fact, be multiplayer. Xbox is owned by Microsoft, who, in turn, owns Mojang Studios and all of their titles.

For now, developers have remained relatively quiet on what the new game will look like. They haven’t even confirmed whether or not the title will support a cross-platform multiplayer mode, although that is very likely.

As most may know very well, both Minecraft and Minecraft Dungeons are cross-platform, so there’s no reason for Legends to be any different.

Interestingly enough, Mojang is not working on this game alone. While their previous titles may have been theirs alone, Legends is going to be a shared project. Blackbird Interactive, a Canadian studio that assisted with Minecraft Earth, will be developing Legends alongside Mojang.

Gameplay for Legends (Picture via Xbox)
Gameplay for Legends (Picture via Xbox)

At the time of writing, a hard release date has not been specified. It has been given a loose “2023” release date, but that could be anywhere from seven to 19 months from now.

The following platforms have already been confirmed for the game:

  • MicrosoftWindows
  • nintendo-switch
  • playstation4
  • playstation5
  • Xbox One
  • Xbox Series X/S

Clearly, this is good news for last-gen console owners, since many new games are being developed solely for current-gen consoles, with the recently revealed Gotham Knights being a prime example of that.

Cristina Anderca, Creative Writer for Mojang Studios, had this to say about the upcoming release:

“Stories are powerful. Legends teach us about what has passed and what might have been. They create a bridge between us and generations long past as well as the ones to come. Starting today, we want to tell you another story – about peaceful coexistence, where adventurers did not get chills when hearing hissing, groans, or the clatter of bones. And the moment when a terrifying force threatened to corrupt this idyllic world forever. This is a story about the Overworld of Minecraft Legends.”

In Minecraft Legends, the main storyline will be about the Overworld uniting against an invasion of ravenous piglins. The statement of ‘the Overworld’ likely means that all mobs that spawn there, perhaps including hostile ones, will be forced to band together to combat this new threat.

The game will reportedly be set in the past, but will be neither fact nor fiction when it comes to the lore of Minecraft. It is evidently a story passed down from villager to villager, so inconsistencies and falsehoods may very well be present.


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