‘Almost half’ of The Callisto Protocol’s combat will be hand-to-hand (or hand-to-tentacle)

Perhaps this will shock you, but to my eyes The Callisto Protocol (opens in new tab) looks quite a lot like Dead Space. That’s no doubt due to the fact developer Striking Distance Studios is headed up by former Visceral Games general manager Glen Schofield—Visceral being the developer of Dead Space. However, one area where it may differentiate itself noticeably is combat: In a new video released today by Game Informer (opens in new tab)Callisto Protocol design director Ben Walker provided a closer look at how players will deal with the game’s creepy, squishy enemies.

Players will engage in both melee and ranged combat in The Callisto Protocol, using a variety of different weapons. Unlike Dead Space, which provided what were nominally repurposed engineering tools to slice-and-dice the bad guys, The Callisto Protocol will offer more conventional weapons, all of them upgradeable through tech trees. But while proper guns might be readily available, ammunition is not, so blasting your way through to the end won’t be an option. Instead, there will be an emphasis on melee combat in the game, which will include a combo system that will enable a more tactical approach to throwing hands.

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