MultiVersus Review – Packing A Punch

MultiVersus Review - Packing A Punch

Warner Bros. has given new studio Player First Games some of its most popular characters to carve out space in the Smash Bros.-dominated IP-crossover-fighter genre. MultiVersus succeeds where others have failed, but it still has some growing to do. Though LeBron James appears on the roster thanks to his starring role in Space Jam: A … Read more

Asmongold calls out Blizzard for nerfing the much-anticipated dragon flying feature in World of Warcraft

Asmongold criticizes Blizzard for nerfing new Soar ability (Image via Sportskeeda)

Zack “Asmongold”, the highly popular MMO streamer on Twitch, criticized Blizzard for nerfing dragon riding speed in the upcoming World of Warcraft update titled “Dragonflight.” The 30% speed decrease in ability has been a point of contention for much of the playerbase. Some feel that it is a justifiable change while others refuse to believe … Read more

Tower Of Fantasy Guide – How To Reroll

Tower Of Fantasy Guide - How To Reroll

Check out this ultimate guide featuring Tower of Fantasy Reroll steps to summon top-tier characters and weapons in the game. Published on August 9th, 2022 Tower of Fantasy, one of the most awaited MMORPG titles of this year, has finally been launched across multiple platforms. Similar to other games in its genre, Tower of Fantasy … Read more

The 10 Best Fighting Games

The 10 Best Fighting Games

Fighting games have a special place in both the past and present of gaming. It’s a genre that requires quick thinking, twitch reflexes, and vast amounts of knowledge of both yourself and your opponent’s options to play at a high level. It can often seem intimidating. But some of the most recognizable series in pop … Read more